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Become a Expert Android and iOS Mobile App Developer in 3 Months!

Learn the fundamentals of how to develop mobile applications with our mobile app development course. Learn how to create an Android or iOS app including how they work, their basic components as well as mobile app design and development.

Take this Mobile App Development course and create computer applications for mobile device use such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Mobile devices normally have popular apps pre-installed, or downloaded and installed from Android’s Google Play and iOS’ Apple App Store.
Ready to build your first mobile application with the iOS or Android SDK? Why don’t you enroll in our mobile app development courses?

Benefits of Joining a Android/iOS Development Course in Solan:

The number of mobile devices is increasing and major companies are seeking to provide more services to the user. With salaries ranging from ukui0o8850K to $115K per year, becoming a mobile app developer seems lucrative. Learn android app development and iOS app development and explore job opportunities in this in-demand field.

Mobile app development is an in-demand and lucrative career option. Enroll in our Android app development course and discover a career of mobile app developer.

As a student taking our app development course, you can earn income by freelancing or having a part-time job with your mobile app developing skills.

All you need is programming skills, a computer, and recommended programs.

Improve your communication and personal skills with this free class.

What You’ll Learn

Discover Digital Breed Mind as a trusted institute in Solan for mobile app development courses and learn:
• How to build from scratch and deploy mobile applications
• Mobile App Development Skills: Android App Development Fundamentals and iOS App Development Fundamentals
• Software and Platforms
• Mobile App Development Frameworks; Apache Cordova; Flux; Ionic Framework; React
• Mobile App Programming Languages: C; C#; C++; HTML; CSS; Java; JavaScript; jQuery; .NET; Ruby


• No prior programming knowledge required
• Proficiency in any Operating System: Linux, Windows, and OSX
• Basic Computer Literacy

Course Objectives

• You will acquire the skills and practical experience needed for mobile app development.
• You will become proficient in mobile app programming.
• You will develop your first mobile app.

Outcome of this Course

Design secure mobile applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms with this mobile app development course. With Solan Institute’s Mobile App Development training, you’ll build a responsive mobile app using versatile and popular programming languages for Android and iOS.

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